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Pictures of Elaine's Family


Pictures of Elaine

Pictures of Elaine's Houses

Pictures of Elaine's Travels



Danny mastering horse riding


Danny & Chewbacca


Aaron, just born.


Elaine & Aaron, halloween 1983


Aaron, Danny & Daniel Ger, 1981


Leah, Elaine's third child


Leah, Dressed for School


Jackie & Leah in Mexico in 2003 hamming it up, man.


Naomi, her huge feet & Roy (neighbour & family friend)


Ricky, the good bird


Peter, still her husband


Peter camping in 1995


Sharon, her sister


Sharon and her three boys: J.P. Josh & Tovi


Lila, Elaine's mom




Saul & Lila Zuker (Elaine's parents)


Elaine's great grandparents - Zuker (Saul's side)


Elaine's grandparents (Saul's side)