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Sunday, May 11th 2003

Elaine’s four children: Danny, Aaron, Leah and Naomi have worked day and night to create the newest and hippest website to celebrate Mother’s Day 2003.


Elaine, better known as ‘Mom’, has worked tirelessly day in and out through the year helping her children in every possible way imaginable.  Including:


-        Cooking well balanced meals (often with baby carrots on the side)

-        Chauffeuring her children to where they have to go (often when children are too lazy to walk or subway)

-        Constantly cleaning mess left by children (especially in the kitchen, although ‘Dad’ is sometimes to blame)

-        Being super-supportive in whatever her children choose to do


In conclusion… Happy Mother’s Day !!!



  Danny, Aaron, Leah and Naomi.


Danny, Aaron



Leah and Naomi